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Marik and Dmitri also were taken. Marik in  case something happened to him as well and Dimitri as his husband. They also saw whole thing  about which police needed to hear. In Melvin’s ambulance was instance.  medical crew was doing their best to keep him alive and to stop bleeding. It was their luck hospital was close because this journey could be last one for Melvin for sure.

When they reached the hospital at last Melvin was immediately rushed into surgery. Leaving Rose all alone to wait in the waiting room. Hoping, praying that Melvin could be saved.

Not long after Atem, Akefia and Ryou had arrived and joined the crying young mother and wife. They said nothing, as there wasn’t much to be said. All they could do now was wait, for what seemed like an eternity.

Marik was examined but he was fine physically but he got tablets and breathing mask too calm his nerves but it was clear he will need a lot to recover after that day. Except Melvin nobody provably knew that Marik’s relation with father was the most toxic. Their father was manipulating him since for ever. So Marik loved and feared their father and looked for his love and acceptance from him. It was why Melvin was protecting him at all cost. Because Marik was unable to even say ‘no’ to their father…eve if he was dead in Marik’s father that crazy maniac was still his parent.

Dimitri had only received a few bruises on his chest, some cuts and a slight concusion to the head. Other than that he would just fine.

Around Seven or so was when a doctor entered the waiting room. Dressed in scrubs and pulled down their mask.

"Is there a Mrs. Ishtar present?" Rose bolted out of her seat, nearly running into the doctor who was a male in his late fourties. Atem and the others joined her, wanting to know about Melvin also.

"How’s Melvin..Is. I-is he..?" She was trying hardest to not fall apart, and as now she was close to the edge of doing so.

"He…lost a lot of blood from his wound Mrs. Ishtar." The doctor spoke in a calming tone. "Quite frankly he should be dead..but, thankfully he’s going to be just fine." He assured her, offering a smile.

"He’ll be sore for awhile thanks to the stitches and was in need of a blood transfusion, but your husband’s going to be just fine."

A sob escaped her lips. She would’ve fallen to the ground, but Atem was there to hold her up and had her crying in his chest.

"Thank you Doctor." He nodded.

"You’re most welcome sir."

Marik was also crying but also apologizing. “If i only not called Melvin. If I just stayed hidden…all what happen is my fault! I’m sorry….I’m so sorry” Marik was crying going on and one like this. His father manipulation was showing again. He always was making Marik feel guilty for any harm done to his siblings and now he felt also guilty of his father’s death.





"N-n-no. Nothing is wrong..ehehehe" She smile even more nervously. "I just…think we…should meet Dimitri’s baby sister that is all…is there something wrong with it?"

"She is taking her afternoon nap." Jessie confirmed.

"Please tell me what’s wrong dear. If this is about the clothes and stuff, then tell me. I’m not going to be upset with you if there’s an issue here." The tone she used was that of a mother speaking to her child.

"I…I just do not know how to react to all this…" Marik admitted as she looked away. "Because of many reasons…I just do not know…I’m sorry ma’am"

"It’s all right Marik. I understand." Jessie offered her a soft smile.

"I must admit that I…might’ve gone overboard with all this." She chuckled. "Lord knows I do most of the time. I just wanted to make sure that you had everything you needed is all."

"I know ma’am….and I am grateful for your kindness…and I do not wish offend you…but I will ask for Dimitri’s opinion later what to do with this all." She rubbed her neck nervously. "This room itself is so…impressive…and expensive looking…just that make me unsure how to behave…I never was in such rich ‘house’…or saw so many goods for me…"